Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So, it looks like I'm going in on September 24th to have this done:

Theoretically, I'll "walk" out of the hospital the same day, it's considered out-patient surgery. I'll be in a soft cast / compresion bandage for at least six weeks, and the tissue swelling could last up to six months or more. Here's to not lasting that long. The problem with surgery on your foot apparently is that it's always swelling due to the human foot's location. I'll be getting an extra chair or something for my desk to prop it up on at work, that's for sure.
I should be back at work a couple of days after. Yay.
Looks like my cycling season is done. May not get much of a snowshoe / ski season either if it drags on. But, at least I won't have the pain I'm having now next spring, when I really want to be out on the bike again...unless the left starts acting up.
I'm waiting until the 24th because from the 13th - 22nd, we'll be in Guatemala! As of right now, Antiqua's the only place firmly on the agenda, but we'll probably end up in Chichicastenango as well, and the towns around Lago de Atitlán. And maybe hike a volcano or two. :-)
I'm very, very, very ready for a vacation. And though this is definitely NOT a great time for me to take time off from work (or have surgery, for that matter) I think October would be worse, and I don't want to wait much longer than that. It's going to be fun!

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