Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday ride

My wife, Robyn, her friend and I rode from our house out to the Great Salt Lake marina this morning. It was Robyn's longest ride to date. They rode about 44 miles, I logged 47.51 (lapped back to check on them twice.)

I'm absolutely thrilled that she's liking cycling. She's scheduled to ride the Little Red Riding Hood ride on the 7th with a group of her friends. Very cool, in my book.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Harmon's Best Dam Bike Ride 2008

I've signed up to ride in the Harmon's Best Dam Bike Ride 2008 for the Utah State Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS 150). I plan on riding the full century route on Saturday, June 28 and the 75 mile route on Sunday, June 29. So, should you choose to support me, you're actually getting an extra 17% for your money!
If you'd like to support my ride, click the logo above or the link on the right. And, thanks in advance.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's mileage: ~8.4 (commute)
93 days and counting.

Not a lot to say today. All kinds of things happening politically that I haven't written about; like this and this. On the first, I'd like to say it's about time Mr. McSame; only took saying that god sent Hitler to force the Jews into Israel so all of the apocalyptic wet-dreamers can fantasize about the second coming to make you decide that this crack-pot may not be worth your political trouble, eh? On the second, we all know, Mr. Rove, that you're going to try to plead executive privilege, but if the president didn't know about this, then that wouldn't hold up, now would it? Here's to hoping that Congress sticks to it's guns and grows a set to enforce this this time. I'd love to see Karl hauled in in handcuffs, sweating like the fat pig that he is. (no offense to our porcine friends.)

Spurs lost last night and lost a 20 point lead in the process. But the Lakers have to win three more for it to really matter. Go SA!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cycle Salt Lake Century

My friend, Jason, and I rode the Cycle Salt Lake Century last Saturday (that's me on the red bike.) According to my computer, I rode 105.73 miles. Max speed was 31.0 mph. average was 14.3. That average is the total ride time, including breaks (7 hours 24 minutes). We took some long breaks, especially the last one while we were waiting for Jason's wife (Heather) and daughter and my wife, dad and his wife to show up and then hung out with them for a while.

Over all, it was a really good ride, we were really moving the first 50+ miles, averaging well over 20 mph. The worst part for me was crossing the causeway to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. I rotting brine shrimp smell really made me feel nauseous. I made a couple of mistakes. I bought new shoes on Friday (Pearl Izumi carbon soled shoes, got a fantastic deal at the outlet) and I got my new Selle Italia saddle in the mail on Friday. So I rode a new saddle and new shoes on a century, which in general is a stupid thing to do. I was having major hot-spots on my right foot and I had the saddle about a quarter inch too high, which caused some not-so-great soreness that, in the long run, I think this saddle will actually help reduce. Not smart, but I had to break them in sometime, right?

On Sunday, Robyn and I rode with Jason and Heather and some other friends up to City Creek canyon again to have breakfast (it's going to be a regular Sunday ride.) I rode up the canyon some and back, so I rode further than most of them. A total of 12.8 miles.

I rode City Creek again on Monday morning, for the first time up to the water treatment plant, for a total of 18.51 miles.

Tuesday and today I just did my regular commute. About 8.4 miles, round trip.

We've canceled our camping trip this weekend due to weather. (It's 50 degrees out now, and raining. It was 80+ yesterday.) So, I hope to get some good rides in this weekend. I have 94 days until the Desperado Dual and I need to really get some good saddle time in.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Win Susan

I finally got around to snapping a couple of pictures of my bike with my little support for Susan and her fight against this damn cancer (see Fatty).

It's not much, I know.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Emigration Canyon

Made my first ride up Emigration Canyon yesterday. There was so much construction last summer that I never made the attempt (and I was sure I would never have made it.) Nowhere near as bad as I expected. It's actually pretty moderate. Rode a total of 25.98 miles in 1 hour 58 minutes. It's a really nice ride and now that I've been shown a relatively easy way to get there that doesn't involve killing myself trying to climb up 8th south, I"ll be riding it more often.

Funny thing happened, though, that kind of put it all into perspective. I'm cruising up near the top of Little Mountain doing what I think is pretty good time and I get passed. By an old shirtless guy on a mountain bike with panniers and tennis shoes on.

I chickened out a little bit on the way down and rode my brakes probably more than I needed to. One problem is, of course, that it was my first decent and I don't know the road. Another is I think I've decided that I hate my bars. They're ergonomic and I'm not sure I like the feel in the drops. It may be an adjustment issue or I may just like regular drops better. I'll try making some adjustments first, but I may find myself in the market for new bars.

I definitely need a new saddle. The Bontrager Race Lite that I have on there is just leaving me, how should I say, with too little feeling after long rides. After the century on Saturday I was really numb (I thought during the ride that it was primarily the cold, but the rides since have proven that it's the saddle). Even after two hours in the saddle yesterday, I'm not comfortable. Could be, again, an adjustment issue, but I switched to the old Specialized saddle that I got with the bike for now.

Anyway, not sure how much I'll ride today, as I need to go home right after work and clean like mad for my father's pending visit. He's supposed to be here tomorrow. It's his first visit to Salt Lake, and the first visit by anyone from my family (except my brother and his family) ever...but that's a whole other post...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ghost Town, City Creek and heartbreak

First off, the Ghost Town went really well. Spent more time out than I'd have liked (total time start to finish, 8 hours 20 minutes) but for the first big ride of the year, it wasn't bad. It was a cake walk compared to last year, but still the headwinds on the return trip slowed us up a bit. I forgot sunscreen and now my face is red as a tomato (slight exaggeration, but still, can't wait for the pealing skin to start.) Total miles 103.83. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. And most importantly, the climb to Ophir didn't kill me, though for a sec, I thought it was going to.

On Sunday, we went with some friends to bike up City Creek canyon for a breakfast picnic. It was my first time biking the canyon and I was surprised at how 'not hard' it was. But there was no way I would have not been able to do it, since three of my companions were towing kids in trailers or trail-a bikes.

Today, I was supposed to ride up Emigration for the first time, but my friend who I was supposed to ride with hasn't called yet and I had to take one of the cats to the vet this morning, so it'll be an afternoon ride or not at all today.

But enough of that. If you're a fan of Fat Cyclist, or even if you're not, you should read this.

I cannot comprehend the strength that Elden and Susan will need to get through this. I cannot comprehend the strength Elden has to write about it. I'm going to put Susan's name on my bike and I'm going to dedicate every ride to her until she beats this. (I'm an optimist...a lie, I know, those of you who actually know me, but hey, a guy can hope). Stay strong Susan. Stay strong, Elden. And your kids. This road is going to be rough but keep the rubber side down and you'll make it through, as absolutely shitty as this is almost guaranteed to be. I've never met you but I'm one of the thousands out here sending you all of the most positive thoughts I can muster. Hang in there.