Thursday, September 10, 2009

An open letter to Representative Joe Wilson (and friends)

Representative Wilson,

As an American citizen, I was outraged and, frankly, disappointed by your disrespectful, childish outburst during the President's speech to Congress last night. And while you have since stated an apology to the President, one which I'm sure that he will publicly accept, I want you to know, sir, that I do not accept your apology, not that one was offered to the American people.

You see, your little outburst is indicative of what's wrong with our country. You say that you let your emotions get the best of you. Well, that's unacceptable from a United States Representative. You should never let your emotions block your view of the truth. You know, or at least you should know, if you've actually read any of the proposed legislation, that that is absolutely false and for you to perpetuate this lie for political purposes is outrageous. It is already illegal under U.S. law for illegal immigrants to qualify for federal health care programs. HR 3200 Sec 246 states “no Federal payment for undocumented aliens.” I don't know how clearer that could be stated.

Not that there would be anything wrong with allowing some sort of coverage for undocumented immigrants, they are, after all, despite the attitudes and claims of some members of your party, human beings, deserving of basic health care and rights. It's not as if they will be sent away from the hospital when they show up sick and dying, why perpetuate this drain on the system? But, that's another argument altogether.

You should apologize not just to the President, sir, but to your constituents and to the American public for being such a blatant example of your party's attempts to use scare tactic, untruths, disruptive behavior and bullying to get your way. We deserve better than this. You are an elected official, you should behave like one. The American people deserve honest discourse and debate. This is not a schoolyard, it's not a matter of he who yells loudest wins. If you've got nothing but bull crap to stand on, Congressman, wipe your feet before dragging it into the House.

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