Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So, looks like my angst over my support for John Edwards has been solved for me. He suspended his campaign for the Democratic nomination today. I was shocked. I was disbelieving. I was angry.

Now, I am just settled. Settled to the fact that it looks like we'll have a real fight on our hands for the presidency. Settled that the best candidate is out. Settled that the most progressive candidate is not in the running. Settled that big corporate media has, once again, settled this conflict for us. They decided, not the primary voters. Not the party. Not the delegates. Media.

But nos, you say (I'm putting words in your mouth, granted - but hey, you called me "nos"...), that's a little tin-foil hat conspiracy talk. Well, yes, I suppose it may be. I honestly think that there is a conspiracy in this country. A conspiracy of major corporations and the media that they own focusing their coverage (and hence, the lifeblood of any campaign) on candidates that they think they can get along with. That wasn't Edwards. That's not Edwards. I don't think they saw a candidate that would come to the table with them...and they need someone at the table. I think in Edwards they saw a potential president who would wrest some of the control out of their hands. A president who would push to re-regulate some of the rampant corporate greed and growth that is killing this country. A president more likely to do what was right than what was profitable. But wait, nos, you say, that sounds down-right anti-growth! Anti-capitalism! Anti-American! Well, all growth is not good. (Ever heard of cancer?)

When you're cranking for all you're worth to power up that climb, every cog on your gear better be in good shape, otherwise you're running the risk of the chain jumping and a big crash...or at the very least, you're not getting the full potential out of all of your work. Well, those cogs are all of us, and unless we start, as a country, recognizing that things aren't working and we'd better do something to fix it, we're going to crash out.

What's good for big business isn't always what's best for the country.

What's good for Wall Street isn't always good for mom and pop.

What's good for the GDP isn't always good for those without HMOs.

We need to remember that this is a country of people, not corporate entities.

I think John Edwards stood for all of that. And I think that scarred the shit out of the powers that be. So they ignored him. And consequently, so did we.

And we're worse off for it.

Here. Ted says it way better than I can.

edit 1/31/2008: Even better said.

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