Monday, January 28, 2008

white man's burden

So. I have kind of an imaginary dilemma. I like John Edwards for president. Not a dilemma on the surface (nor really at all) but it's weird. I find myself in a situation where, arguably for the first time in history, my party has the potential to nominate either the first viable woman for president, or the first viable African-American. And I like the white male candidate. (In case you're wondering...I, too, am a white male.) And I feel just a tinge of guilt because of that - not being a white male...I don't think...but about not liking the "minority" candidates as my first choice. Stupid, I know. Especially because it looks like he's not going to get the nomination and I'll end up supporting whole-heartedly either Obama (I hope) or Clinton. But I like Edwards. I like his attitude. I like that he keeps progressive issues on the table. I like that he comes across as strong and confident. I like that he's admitted when he's been wrong without a hint of "I really didn't mean what my vote makes it seem like I meant" crap.

He's a great candidate and I admire the hell out of him for sticking to his guns, so to speak. I want a president who will stand for what I believe in and will try to fix what I think is wrong with this country. So. I like John Edwards for president.

Hold your ground, John. We'll see you at the convention.

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