Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today's mileage: ~8.4 (commute)
93 days and counting.

Not a lot to say today. All kinds of things happening politically that I haven't written about; like this and this. On the first, I'd like to say it's about time Mr. McSame; only took saying that god sent Hitler to force the Jews into Israel so all of the apocalyptic wet-dreamers can fantasize about the second coming to make you decide that this crack-pot may not be worth your political trouble, eh? On the second, we all know, Mr. Rove, that you're going to try to plead executive privilege, but if the president didn't know about this, then that wouldn't hold up, now would it? Here's to hoping that Congress sticks to it's guns and grows a set to enforce this this time. I'd love to see Karl hauled in in handcuffs, sweating like the fat pig that he is. (no offense to our porcine friends.)

Spurs lost last night and lost a 20 point lead in the process. But the Lakers have to win three more for it to really matter. Go SA!

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