Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Checking in

So. Apparently, I'm a crappy blogger. Something tells me that you need to write something more than once a month or so to even have a remote chance of encouraging repeat readership. Oh, well. Maybe I'll try harder. Truth is, though, there are some much more important things that I'm trying to work on right now so picking up one more self-imposed commitment may not be my wisest move.

Not that I've ever been too good at choosing my wisest move. So, I guess we'll see. (I should probably say "I'll" see, since I'm my only reader.)

So, about the bike. So far this year I've ridden somewhere around 535.1 miles. (I'm not positive as I'm basing it off of my log here plus the miles I've downloaded from the Garmin, the Miyata computer has the odometer with any other miles that I may have ridden and forgotten, but there's a fresh layer of snow on the ground between me and the garage right now and it's 6 AM, so I'm okay with guessing.

So, at this point I need to ride a little less than 3,000 miles in the next nine months. Or around 333.33 miles a month. I need to step it up a bit.

On a medical note, since you all got to read about my foot. There's a chance I'll be going under the knife again, this time on the other end. I've been seeing a couple of docs about my breathing issues (and, more importantly to my wife, my snoring issues...which, by the way I think she's exaggerating, I hardly ever notice me snoring...) As it turns out, apparently, my one doc says, it looks as though at some point in my early childhood I broke my nose, consequently, my septum is a little bent out of shape. Or, actually, a lot. It explains why the left side of my head always feels more constricted than the right, my tendency to sinus infections, and to top it off, my crooked nose. So, if he has his way, I'll be having that fixed.

I have such a fun life.

On the other hand, it would be nice to breath "normally."

Edit: By the way, just in case anyone does stumble across this. I'm not sure if you can see it any better in your browser than in mine, but as you can see by that yellow blob thingy to the right, I've only raised about $250 of my $3,000 goal for the LiveStrong Challenge. Hint, hint...

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