Friday, May 8, 2009

Giro d'Italia!

Looks like for the first time in forever, I'll have the opportunity to actually watch one of the Grand Tours on something other than streaming video online! Universal Sports just announced that they'll be carrying the 2009 Centennial edition of the Giro d'Italia! And guess what? I actually get that channel on my new HDTV! (We don't have cable, a situation I'm seriously thinking about changing so I can also see the Tour this year.)

This is exciting (for wife may not be as thrilled.)

In other news since I last posted, I had my deviated septum fixed on April 23rd (15 days ago), with the goal of being able to breath more freely through the left side of my nose, possibly reduce my susceptibility to allergies, etc, and maybe help my snoring (which isn't so much a problem for me as others...) So far, so good. I was pretty much stoned on pain killers the first few days after surgery and slept a lot (I also watched a lot of DVDs) I had the splints out the following Tuesday, which was the worst experience of it all. Actually, removing the splints wasn't so bad, it was removing the stitch that was holding the splints to the front of my nose that was painful. Pulling the splints out kind of just felt like pulling out the world's largest booger. Gross, I know, but that's really the only way to describe it. Since, I've had some drainage (fun) and extreme dryness (I know, I haven't figured out how it's possible to have both at the same time, either.) And, honestly, I'm a little worried because the left side still feels restricted (though the right is extremely clear) which, if you remember from a few sentences ago, is the exact situation I went in to have fixed. I'm hoping for now that it's swelling still, which is likely. I've got my next follow-up appt. on the 19th...

Meanwhile, I started riding to work this week. I was supposed to avoid exerting myself for two weeks. I made it two days shy of that. Besides, my little commute isn't really much of a ride. It's not like I went out charging up Emigration Canyon or something right away. (I'm saving that for this weekend, I think)

I missed the Ghost Town Century on May 2nd because of the surgery. I'm still on the fence about the Cycle Salt Lake Century on May 16th (though I'm leaning toward riding).

Because of the decision to have the surgery, I've once again blown my plan to ride a century a month and qualify for the Larry Schwartz award from the UMCA...maybe next year. So far this year, my February ride is the only qualifying long ride I've done. So I missed January, March and April, which is one more month than you're allowed to make up. Oh well. I should probably stop trying to plan such things and just ride.

I'm still on for the MS-175 in June, the Desperado Dual (200 miles) in August and the LAF ride down in Austin in October. So, it'll still be an amazing season on the bike.

If anyone besides me cares, I'm sorry I'm so bad at these updates. See ya.

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