Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The nose knows

Got back from a follow-up visit with my doctor. It's been just under a month since I had my deviated septum fixed. Just as I thought, the cartilage in the tip of my nose is buckling back to the left. Which is what I went in to have fixed in the first place. He said it happens, but he looked rather irritated by it (as am I.) I'm supposed to wait another month (there's still some healing going on, which otherwise looks good, I'm told) and go back to see how it looks.

There's the possibility that I'll have to have a "touch up," which means another surgery, though he said it would be a piece of cake compared to the last one.

Cartilage, apparently, has memory. And though part of the purpose of the original surgery was to "break" that memory, sometimes the memory is stronger than you'd like.

If only my brain would work as well...

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