Monday, April 7, 2008

Maybe next week

So, as I kind of thought would happen, we've decided that the weather was going to be a little too much like last year's Ghost Town Century (read: cold and snowy), though probably without the 20+ mph winds...and we decided that next week will be a much nicer ride. So, instead of leaving tomorrow morning, we're going to Yellowstone next Tuesday - Thursday. It's supposed to be warmer (low 40's) and no snow (yet).

That'll be much, much more fun. And really, it's a good thing too...I'm still at work at 7:48 pm on Wednesday. I've been here since 6:40 am. I'm cranky, tired and, frankly, a little pissed off. The only reason I'm not yelling right now is I know I have a bottle of my new coffee stout in cooling at home. That and there's only one other guy here right now and there's really no point yelling at him. Well, yes there is, but hey that's what I get for being the "boss", right?


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