Thursday, April 17, 2008


Got back a couple of hours ago from biking up in Yellowstone. One word, cliche though it is, awesome!

Unfortunately, my camera sucks and on top of that, I forgot to haul it along on Wednesday when we did most of our riding, so I'll have to wait to get photos from the other guys.

When it boils down, we drove from Salt Lake City to West Yellowstone, MT on Tuesday through some very sketchy weather, arriving too late, too cold and too snowy to get any riding in Tuesday night. Wednesday, we awoke to a reported six (6) degrees, and crunchy, crunchy ice on the roads. We walked a half mile or so into the park (the hotel, the Kelly Inn - highly recommended- was walking distance from the west gate) and the roads were looking better. We met a very friendly ranger whose name I can't remember and she told us to hang out and she was driving a few miles in and back and would give us a conditions report on her way out. Oh, and to walk single file and quickly past the sick bison cow who was standing on the side of the road... so we did. Ever walk within 20 feet of a bison before? Neither had I. It was the first of many. She drove out as we were walking back to the hotel and said that by the time we got out bikes, the roads would be fine. Right she was. With the exception of one snow shower as we turned around later Wednesday afternoon, the weather was perfect. OK, not perfect, it was freakin' cold. But highly rideable and highly enjoyable. Wednesday's total, 6 hours 45 minutes in the park, 56.88 miles. Avg. mph (including all stopping) 8.4 mph. The Kelly Inn's hot tub sure felt good!

Thursday, we got up and had to be out of the hotel by noon, so we wanted to get a quick ride into the park again. Ended up doing about 18.93 miles in and out in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Avg. 14.2 mph.

More details to come later when I have more time.

This will be an annual event!

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