Saturday, April 5, 2008

Plan B

So, I haven't written in a month. I should start by confessing that I have failed at my New Year's resolution to ride a century a month and earn the Larry Schwartz award from the UMCA. March got away from me. A combination of shitty weather, travelling and ill times illness - and if I'm honest, lack of will power or laziness. I'm bummed but it was probably too much anyway. I mean, I just started riding distances like that last year and other than the organized three that I completed last summer, I've only ever ridden one "personal" century and my friend organized that ride and rode it with me, on his route. So, I failed. Now for Plan B.

I was the nineth rider to sign up for the Desperado Dual . Well, actually I was the seventh rider to sign up for the dual, the other two are registered for the 100 miles. It's up to 14 riders as of today. I'm really excited and nervous about this ride, even though it's over four months away. But I wanted to sign up now so that laziness thing I mentioned in the first paragraph wouldn't prevent me from doing it. Now I'm committed. I'll try to do better keeping this blog posted regarding my training. I should probably do some.

I'm also very excited because I'm going up to Yellowstone on Tuesday with a couple of guys to ride for three days. They open the roads to non motorized traffic for a few weeks between the end of snowmobile season and when the open the roads up to cars. They plow, so hopefully the roads will be clear. It's going to be beautiful. It's going to be fun. And it's going to be cold. Tuesday, high 34, low 13, 40% chance of snow. Wednesday (the day we plan to do most of the riding) high 35, low 17, 40% chance of snow. Thursday, 33, 14, 30%. It's going to be cold. Honestly, though, it's the snow that is freaking me out a bit. I mean, it's one thing to ride the five miles to work in the snow, I actually enjoy it. But riding 50 miles. In the middle of an empty national park. Well, not empty, there are the animals. That's a little different. I'm not chickening out, but still. It makes me nervous. A little. But the roads open to traffic on the 25th, so it's pretty much now or never. I think. Both of the other guys I'm going with are, how should I put this, under (read un-) employeed at the moment so I guess it's possible we might delay a week or so. We'll see.

Oh, I should also mention that I'm still planning on riding all or most of the organized centuries that I listed in my plans earlier, so I will be riding two next month, starting with the Ghost Town century on the 3rd of May and then the Cycle Salt Lake Century on the 17th.


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