Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2nd xmas

Robyn's family is in town for the post holiday holiday that I am starting to call 2nd Christmas. We had a lovely diner last night after which we sat around the house opening an insanely large number of gifts.

It was during this second activity that I found out I'm getting one of these:

It hasn't arrived yet, should get here today. I'm thrilled, now I can geek out even more and keep better track of my rides! And...I no longer have to worry about stopping for receipts from places if I do a personal long ride to submit to the UMCA! It's the standard 205, none of the extra frills of the 305, 605 or 705...but I don't think I need those things anyway. It's a huge step up from the Cateye that I've been using. Awesome!
And (almost better), I found out that come mid-January, I'm getting one of these:
That's right, the limited edition, wool long-sleeves Fat Cyclist jersey from Twin Six!!!

(I hope you notice those three exclamation points there. You know I'm excited because I hate when people use multiple punctuation marks to make a point.)

This is the best 2nd X-mas ever!

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