Tuesday, January 6, 2009


today's miles: 4.2
monthly total: 12.63

It was a little under 20 degrees when I left to ride to work today. And it started drizzly snowing not long after I left. Roads were slush, with an underlayer of chunky ice. In other words, it was fun. Slower than it should have been because I've been off the bike so long, but fun.

Except, my new "winter" gloves suck. Granted, I didn't flip over the neoprene cover that covers the fingers, effectively turning them into mittens, so maybe I'm judging them too soon, but my fingers were COLD when I got to work today. COLD.

I suppose it could be that I've been forced to jump right in to winter this year, without the gradual acclimatizing that riding all year provides.

Whatever. It's been snowing on and off all day. The roads, from the one little window with the view of the train station across the street (the one where I can catch a bus that takes me to within 1/2 block of my house), look slushy still. And according to the trusted Weather.com site, it's now 30 degrees out there, and may be 32 or so for my commute home. Fun.

Seriously, fun. :-)

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