Friday, June 19, 2009

Another day, another puncture

Walked out to the garage this morning for my commute to work, opened the door, pulled down the Allez and once again had a flat on the rear tire. I have no f'ing idea what's going on. There tire's rated to 115-120 psi, I had it at about 100. I've felt around in the rim so many times and so thoroughly (I thought) that I feel like we're in high school dating. This is somewhere around the 6th to 8th rear flat I've had on this bike in the past month or two. Seriously ridiculous. Luckily for me, but adding no less to the mystery, I've never had one while actually on the bike. Excuse me while I find some actual wood around my office here to knock on...

Okay, back. I thought that maybe it was over inflation, but I don't think that's it any more. I thought maybe the Hutchinson tires I had on all winter had a flaw, but I've switched back to the Specialized and it's happened again. I put some rim tape in, still punctures. At least the last two or three haven't been complete blow-of-the-rim punctures like I was getting.

This is getting frustrating.

It's time for new wheels, I think. But considering I paid $200 for the bike (it was an absolute steal) I'm loath to now have to spend more than that for wheels. Neuvation has some, I think I can get a set for less than $250. Nothing too fancy, it's not like I'm racing, but I don't want to add a ton of weight to the bike, either.

Maybe I should just try to parlay this into a whole new bike purchase? I could be so lucky.

Oh well. I switched back to the Look pedals on the Miyata (I just two days ago put on the flats with toe clips) since I had on my bike shoes and road it in instead. Speaking of which, the seat's too low, I think it's slipped 1/2 or so...

Looks like bike maintenance will be a part of my weekend.

Hmm, just thought of something. I wonder if maybe Deliah or George is pissed off at me? You know, a poltergeist kind of thing. I mean, the rear wheel of the bike is right up against the wall on the other side of which I found their gravestone... interesting thought.

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