Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Conflicting emotions

There's nothing quite like out-sprinting the traffic from the stoplight at State St and 3900 South and cranking it up to 30-35 mph in the two blocks before work. It's better than coffee in the morning (well, almost.) Inevitably, someone in a truck or car in the next lane will gun their motor when they see me start to pass them. Quite fun.

On the other hand, a Mo mom cranking Snoop Dogg in her minivan at 6:30 AM is a little disconcerting.

Interesting commute.

Speaking of conflicts. This is interesting. In case the link doesn't work or is no good, as often happens in my experience with the NY Times site, it's their story about the State Dept asking Twitter to delay some scheduled maintenance to keep their service available for Iranians to continue using to communicate. It's fascinating the amount of information still flowing out of the country about the protest and demonstrations even though the Iranian government has, for all intents and purposes, tried to shut down the media. Anyone who says that Facebook and Twitter are only toys or amusements should read this. This "new media" is a potentially powerful tool. There is some amazingly brave people in this world. And Iran is changing before our eyes. Fascinating to watch...

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