Monday, June 15, 2009

Off to a great start

Woke up feeling good this morning. Had a nice weekend, got a lot done despite the rain and got to hang out with good friends. But then, Monday happened.

  • My bike had yet another rear puncture when I went out to ride to work, forcing me to drive in this morning rather than ride.
  • I'm out of good coffee, and am forced to drink the office sewage or risk falling asleep at my desk.
  • They've again cut off access to Facebook and my personal e-mail from here at the office. And before you say anything about productivity, I probably got more done happily with access the last two days here than I did in the two weeks previous.
  • The headphones that I brought from home, thinking they'd be inconspicuous enough to not be as obvious and therefore wouldn't draw attention to our asinine no headphones at work rule, well, they're too short to reach from my computer to my head.
  • The old speakers that I brought from home to listen to music at my desk and possibly annoy everyone I work with. Yup, they don't work either.
Mondays suck.

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